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The following writings by John E. Range are works in progress (prepublication outlines) and are available for viewing and/or download:

         The Existence of Existence (Excerpt One)

  An elegant reductio ad absurdum proof that "Existence-Itself" (defined as
                the totality of everything existing) exists as an atemporal self-referential unity whose veil
                is its oneness.  As such Existence Itself is our sole Universal Common Ground. This is a
                very brief non-lineal explication containing only the essentials of a non-lineal Set
                Theoretic Analysis of Existence.
   PDF file

Modern Introductory Analysis

                An excerpt of the first 4 pages from my senior year High School Mathbook containing
                all of the basic set theory needed to understand the above paper. 
PDF file

Ruthless Compassion (The Root and Crown of Virtue)

ABSTRACT:  An integration of dualist and non-dualist viewpoints both in terms of mind/body dualities as well as in terms of mortal mind/Divine Mind dualities showing the relation of plank's constant to free will. [NOTE: In this PDF document some of the fonts did not transfer properly.  The Greek letters for the words "Agape" and "Eros" do not display properly and in the two expressions denoting the "compassion constant" and "Plank's constant" approaching zero respectively, a "blank square" unfortunately takes the place of an "arrow" pointing from the left to the right (i.e. constant ----> 0 )]  PDF file

The Categorical Analytic Meaning of Truth

ABSTRACT:  A description of the distinctions between noumenal truth and individual phenomenal truth on the one hand and a private lie and an injected consensus lie on the other.   PDF file

Split Beam Quantum Experiment Demonstrating a Counter Intuitive Result

ABSTRACT:  A description of the experimental setup in the first of a series of virtual experiments designed to illustrate the superiority of the von Neumann / Wigner interpretation of Quantum Mechanics.   PDF file

A Categorical Analyst Visits Hell, (but doesn't want to live there)

ABSTRACT: A short and humorous vignette satirizing various objections to synthetic a prioris.    PDF file

Categorical Analysis    PDF file 

The Phoenix Revisited  

ABSTRACT: Kantís flawed analysis of the ground of being as the arbiter of value, named it the noumenal universe and defined it as totally unconditioned and inconceivable. Consequently anything associated with Kantís noumenal universe, such as the concept of the heart as an atemporal knower (herein referred to as the Phoenix), was labeled "unscientific" or "metaphysics." According to Kant, only knowledge of the phenomenal universe based on the temporal knower (the Turtle) was scientific. This approach has led many to even banish the noumenal universe from existence itself.  However Kantís analysis was based on Bishop Berkeleyís scathing but ultimately flawed refutation of infinitesimals. This treatise traces western philosophical treatment of the noumenal universe from Kant up to the present and illustrates how Kant both informed and mislead the development of western philosophy. It is then demonstrated how certain developments in modern logic have not only invalidated Kantís rationale for banishing the noumenal universe from rational scientific analysis but actually mandate bringing the noumenal universe and therefore the Phoenix into the realm of Science.      PDF file 

Bias Transformations  

ABSTRACT: Categoreal Relativity is derived from a theophanic approach to knowledge which takes as its starting point, that the laws of matter, energy, space and time are reflections on the space/time manifold of awareness, of the laws of awareness itself. This paper presents a scientific basis for the coexistence of moral absolutes with moral relativities. Although appearing deceptively simple and obvious, this introduction to a specific application of the theophanic approach to consciousness studies, sets the stage for the even more startling, fundamental and far reaching results of categoreal wave mechanics, which in its turn, resolves several quite perplexing and subtle epistemological and ontological problems in the cognitive neurosciences, genetics, ethics, philosophy and theology.    PDF file      

The following writings by John E. Range are commentaries on or supplements to writings by Henry P. Stapp

For my supplement to Henry Stapp's paper entitled A Quantum Theory of Mind (LBNL 45229, May 11, 2000), click on the following link

         Appendix to A Quantum Theory of Mind   PDF file

For my suggestions on Henry Stapp's Cambridge Talk, click on the following link

         Suggestions on OUTLINE of lecture at Perott-Warwick Conference        PDF file

For Henry P. Stapp's papers in PDF format 



Henry P. Stapp's excellent book Mind, Matter, and Quantum Mechanics was a Library of Science book of the month club selection twice in two years and has recently been included in the The New York Review of Book's Reader's Catalog Selection of the 40,000+ best books in print.  

It used to be possible to click here to order it on-line from Barnes and Noble for  $39.95.  (Hardcover, 1st ed., 248pp.;  ISBN: 0387562893;  Springer-Verlag New York, Inc.;  Pub. Date: January 1993)

However it is currently out of stock and like all inherently valuable items its monetary value keeps increasing.  As of 07/22/02 two used copies are still available on Amazon starting at $63.94.